Torrey Pines Science Park

Key Features:
• Over 22,000 square feet of Trespa Pura installed on walls & soffits as well as around windows
• Over 5,600 square feet of .090 post-painted aluminum high-low panels
• Over 2,500 linear feet of prefinished coping caps

As part of a major renovation to enhance the curb appeal of the 25-acre coastal life science and office campus at Torrey Pines Science Park, California Sheet Metal performed exterior beautification on four office buildings to help them compete with their stunning Pacific Ocean and canyon views. The bulk of the work involved installation of over 22,000 square feet of Trespa Pura — a beautiful, highly durable siding that’s been described by the manufacturer as “blending architecture with nature.” And that’s never been more fitting than for its use at Torrey Pines, where the textured wood-styled grains and finishes created a look in perfect harmony with the ruggedly beautiful coastal landscape. These panels were offset by the clean, sleek appearance of over 5,600 square feet of post-painted aluminum high-low panels, and topped off by nearly half a mile’s worth of prefinished coping caps. All for a new, fresh, renovated look that helps solidify the park’s competitive position within the market.

RoleDesign - AssistArchitectL7 Studio DesignContractorBurger ConstructionLocation11085 N Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA