More than just a supporting player.

Beautiful railings comprise a level of detail that can elevate a design project from ordinary to exceptional. By custom-building handrails and protective railings specifically to the curves and angles of your location, we can ensure that every view of your building is integrated. Far beyond merely “meeting requirements,” railings from California Sheet Metal enhance any structure they surround – providing a level of customization, stability and beauty that will stand the test of time.

Making your vision tangible.

Whether aluminum, stainless steel, glass or cable rail, California Sheet Metal manufactures custom railings and guardrails for any size project. Beautiful to both the eye and the hand, our railings have provided the finishing touch to towering skyscraper balconies and curving ground level walkways alike. And since guard and handrails are often the one aspect of architecture that visitors not only see, but touch, the craftsmanship of our final polish and joints ensures that every visitor will literally feel the sophistication of your building for years to come.

The added detail your building deserves.

For more than 100 years of business, California Sheet Metal has stood for the twin pillars of Precision and Creativity. And our commitment to ensuring that our railings are a proper aesthetic match for your design is a testament to that fact.

Key capabilities include:

  • Computer-aided design
  • Precision sequencing
  • Custom structural support systems
  • Standalone metal or integration with glasswork
  • Straight lines or curved elegance
  • Functional safety coupled with visual aesthetics

Let Us Build What's In Your Head

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