Legacy International Center

Key Features:
• 2.2 miles of pre-mitered window flashings
• Standardized ACM panels with 3” ACM splines
• Laser-cut element featuring messaging in 11 different languages

Located in the heart of San Diego’s famed Mission Valley, Legacy International Center is a religious-themed resort featuring a 126-room hotel and conference center, an International Experience Center, and a 500-seat performing arts theater. The 18-acre campus is conceived as a themed garden — scaled and designed to complement the surrounding hillsides and shared public spaces. A driving factor in the design was maximizing the spectacular views — a process that necessitated vast expanses of glass and windows. By pre-mitering and fabricating over 2 miles of window flashing, CSM was able to considerably reduce time spent in the field. Similarly, through our early involvement with the architects, we were able to influence both the number and layouts of the ACM panel joints — ultimately standardizing the panel lengths to roughly 10 feet and utilizing 3-inch ACM in place of caulking for the spline connections. But the highlight of the project — and the anchor of the campus itself — is “the Spire,” a towering collection of laser-cut panels designed to reveal “The Power of Words” in storytelling. The words “Love,” “Peace,” and “Forgiveness” were translated into 11 different languages and cut into the panels. This required exceptional precision, as the misplacement of a single tab could dramatically alter the meaning of a word.

RoleDesign - AssistArchitectCarrier JohnsonContractorClark ConstructionLocation875 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA