No limitations.

California Sheet Metal manufactures Aluminum Plate panels in solid 1/8" to 1/2" aluminum, as well as Stainless Steel materials in a range of finishes and thicknesses. All panels are custom fabricated and not limited by minimum production runs or size limitations. Aluminum Plate panels have uniform strength with no risk of delamination or combustion due to flammable components. Panel corners are welded and ground smooth with no visible seams for water intrusion. These plates are suited for high wind-load applications with internal panel stiffening. The solid materials used to design our aluminum plate panels are highly resistant to incidental dents and punctures and suitable for high-traffic or abusive environments.

Beautiful finish.

Plate can easily be curved and contoured for radii down to 5" using a variety of fabrication and welding techniques. All finishes are post-applied after fabrication by licensed applicators to provide the highest quality of finish coverage with finish warranties up to 20 years. (Consult factory for specific limitations.)

Throughout the building.

The use of Plate is virtually limitless — wall panels, sunshades, infill panels, copings, column covers, soffits, custom perforation and more. Plate panels’ capabilities include:

  • Forming up to 16' lengths
  • Back-routing to form crisp tight edges
  • Bump forming up to 16' lengths
  • Roll forming up to 8'

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