Not so long ago, planter boxes on industrial and commercial jobs were viewed more or less as an afterthought – just a vessel for showcasing the real star of the show, the plantings themselves. But more recently they’ve taken their proper place as an equally important part of the overall landscaping aesthetic for commercial settings such as restaurants, retail outlets, office complexes, and even industrial buildings. And here at California Sheet Metal we’re making the most of it.

Unlike most concrete, fiberglass or ceramic planters, our plate planters and garden beds integrate seamlessly with current design trends that celebrate a sleek, clean look. They add instant, modern style to outdoor spaces – helping do everything from establish boundaries to direct foot traffic. All while cutting down on the expense and maintenance of more traditional landscape solutions, like hedges.

But it’s not just about decoration. These 1/8” structures easily withstand the weight of robust soil and water packs, as well as the root structures of larger plants. And best of all, they’re built to spec to match virtually any large scale commercial or industrial landscaping need.

And those needs go beyond just fabricating custom sizes, shapes and profiles. Plate planters and garden beds can provide an innovative solution for erosion control as well – keeping lawns in place, promoting tree root health, and conserving water.

Modern landscape design is equal parts form and function. And our plate planter boxes deliver both in spades. But then, that’s what Craftsmanship, Built To Scale is all about.

Learn more about the specs and see more photos on our Planter Box case study.