Commercial, Industrial Planter Boxes & Garden Beds

Key Features:
• Custom sizes, shapes and profiles
• Natural finish, powder coat or custom color matching
• Custom etching of patterns, logos, etc.
• Steel or aluminum plate
• Fully welded and grinded flush corners
• Waterproofed membrane lining
• Option of fully contained structure or drainage weep holes

Less bulky than concrete and more resilient than ceramic, these commercial-grade plate planters are built to spec to match your exact landscape architecture needs — whether a collection of simple rectangles or curving, custom radius designs to fit any outdoor landscaping shape. Plate outdoor planters are a sleek 1/8″ structure, but stand up to the root structure of bigger plants and the weight of robust soil and water packs. We welcome the challenge of any shape, design and configuration — whether for commercial grade planter pots, large-scale garden beds, industrial outdoor planters, or unique solutions to erosion control. As in all things we do: Craftsmanship, Built to Scale.

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