Orchids & Onions, the educational and fundraising arm of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, has awarded their highest honor, the Malone Grand Orchid, to the Center for Novel Therapeutics in La Jolla. The project was developed by BioMed Realty and designed by architectural firm Perkins & Will, with California Sheet Metal assisting in a variety of roles both structural and aesthetic.

The project was conceived as an effort to invert traditional laboratory design — to push laboratories to the outside of the building and introduce generous amounts of daylight into the space. The Center’s research wings wrap around a central atrium that creates an open/shared-space aimed at increasing academic and industry research collaborations.

An excerpt from Orchids & Onions’ announcement says “This is structurally fascinating. Elegant and engaging. The use of materials is incredible. Innovative design, also encouraging innovation within. High-performance all around — generous, well-lit common areas, patient-centered design. Very well detailed.”

We congratulate our partners BioMed Realty and Perkins & Will, and thank them for the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful, award-winning undertaking!