Ballpark C2 Apartments

Key Features:
• .080 Title 24 panel system

When a building fills the space between the majestic San Diego Main Library Dome and the wonder of the Padres’ ballpark, you have two choices: 1) embrace playing second fiddle and fade into the background, or 2) step up and join the bold architecture of the ever-growing downtown. Bold red, black and white siding covers the many angles of the apartment complex. Custom metal awnings protect lower windows from the pounding sun — and are strong enough to stand the test of time… so strong we wish the ballpark was a little closer and had shorter walls so we could test our craftsmanship against a barrage of errant baseballs!

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RoleBuild per planArchitectCarrier JohnsonContractorGreystarLocation101 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA