Belmont Park: Railings

Key Features:
• Component-style, radiused aluminum
• Integrated light pods for illumination
• Aluminum with high-gloss powder coat finish in bright red and white

Railings in an amusement park have to fulfill competing goals: be resilient to the battering of ceaseless traffic, while also bringing excitement and visual stimulation as the entry to a ride. These two aluminum railing jobs at Belmont Park are built for the wear-and-tear of kids pulling, hanging, swinging and otherwise treating the railings like a jungle gym. At the same time, they increase safety with integrated lighting to ensure pathways are illuminated no matter the time of day. Proudly designed in-house at California Sheet Metal.

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RoleDesign BuildArchitectCalifornia Sheet Metal designContractorOwner builderLocation3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA