An architect's dream.

California Sheet Metal is proud to partner with Etex, manufacturers of EQUITONE. Designed by and for architects, EQUITONE is a through-colored facade material that shows the organic, untreated nature of its components. A fiber cement composite that consists of nothing more than cement, mineral materials and cellulose, EQUITONE offers unparalleled design flexibility. It comes in a maximum panel size of 4 x 10 ft. and can be worked into any size or shape using standard tools – either in the workshop or on site. EQUITONE can even be perforated, subjected to very small cuts, and even embossed or printed. And every panel is unique.

Endless possibilities.

EQUITONE [tectiva] is characterized by naturally occurring hues and a sanded surface.

EQUITONE [materia] accentuates the beauty of fiber cement, with a textured yet velvety surface.

EQUITONE [natura] subtly displays the raw texture of the fiber cement material.

EQUITONE [linea] is a unique 3D shaped material that plays with light and shadows.

EQUITONE [pictura] features an ultra matt architectural finish.

Design freedom.

EQUITONE panels can be cut and arranged in virtually any form. The only limits are your imagination. The panels are strong but light, reducing the amount of supporting frame needed compared with other materials. So whether you choose a vertical, horizontal or angled layout, with large, small, or narrow panels, anything is possible.



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