Custom Railings

Beautiful railings are the attention-to-detail that can elevate an entire design project from beautiful to exceptional. Hand rails and protective railings custom-built specific to the curves and angles of your location ensure every view of your building is integrated. And craftsmanship of final polish and joints means every visitor doesn’t just visually feel the impact of your property, but literally feels the sophistication and quality for years to come.

Decorative Elements

The only limits are your imagination. Whether it’s twisting, angled, perforated light structures; Organic, curving fins representing DNA strands; or more than 39,000 painstakingly sequenced and perfectly planned, perforated circles — we’ve done it all. Architectural metal isn’t rigid and doesn’t have to be solely functional. When done right, it can be natural, beautiful and artistic.

Inside & Outside

California Sheet Metal can assist with every aspect of your build or redesign — outside, inside and on the walls of any structure. Graceful shade structures to protect outdoor break- and congregation-areas from the sun. Decorative and thematic interior wall installations that will stand the test of time. Even stairwells, awnings, and parking structures — all built with precision and grace.